MY KIND OF LOVE is a collection of daring and delicious French-made fragrances that represents a new exploration of KILIAN’s unconventional take on perfume. What binds the collection is an entirely different olfactive structure than that of the perfumes in KILIAN’s main opus of fragrances. Each perfume features a ‘simplex’ olfactive structure. That is—just like each of their names—it kicks instant impact but speaks of something more.


“Simplexity is the idea of blending both simplicity and complexity. I wanted this collection to have the multi-layered notes and accords that I’m known for, but built around a key ingredient that’s unusual, surprising, and instantly recognizable.” - Kilian Hennessy, founder.


Discover now the key ingredients of each fragrance of the collection.



KILIAN amps up the girl power with a scent calling out all fierce females. Gourmand with a kick, PRINCESS is like sipping on a green tea matcha with a tip of ginger on the nose for sassy spice.

Key notes : Ginger, Green Tea, Marshmallow



A very unusual contrast of hot milk and sugar candy with a breeze of fresh air running through it: lily of the valley. Just like a great kiss, as the perfume evolves the emotions get more intense.

Key notes : Lily of the Valley, Hot Milk, Sugar Candy



Teaming up with perfumer Alberto Morillas, this instantly recognizable cola hook is an accord all its own of nutmeg, cinnamon, lime and vanilla. The duo then built a strong drydown of woody notes on overdose. Cedarwood adds earthy sensuality, suggesting way more than just tickles.

Key notes : Cola, Cinnamon, Cedarwood



A top note of fig milk hits soft like naked skin, then cedar wood and vanilla prolong the experience into much more than six minutes of pleasure.

Key notes : Fig Milk, Cedarwood, Vanilla