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Roses on Ice

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  • Fragrance Notes
    Kilian Hennessy's inspiration:
    Introducing a brand new collection, Kilian Hennessy felt it was time to pay tribute to his heritage, as heir to the renowned French cognac making family, and to his choice olfactory intoxicants for driving the night towards dawn. As a first-time collaboration with perfumer Franck Voelkl, Kilian Hennessy wanted to recreate the tasting of “gin on the rocks” with a splash of lime.

    The Perfume:
    Anyone for notes of gin, distilled with rose and cucumber? The perfume Roses on Ice opens with the aquatic freshness of cucumber and the aromatic uplift of juniper berries, creating an icy sensation, rounded in an accord with voluptuous Rose Centifolia. Upon a drydown of sandalwood and musk, the scent expresses the sharp—yet deeply infused—character of gin consumed in its ideal.

    Perfume notes: Cucumber, Rose Juniper and Sandalwood

    Perfumer: Frank Voelk
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    Fresh Perfume
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    Complimentary delivery on orders over £50.

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Roses on Ice
Roses on Ice
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