Angels' Share

Kilian Hennessy wanted to express with Angels' Share his olfactory memory of the family oak barrels drenched in « eau-de-vie ».
To achieve this magical emotion, he used real cognac essence in the composition.
Angels’ Share is the olfactory transcription of more than 250 years of the most prestigious cognac.

Angels' Share Angels' Share
100ml Refillable Perfume
Angels' Share Angels' Share
50ml Refillable Perfume
Angels' Share
50ml Refill
Angels' Share
250ml Carafe

About Angels' Share by KILIAN PARIS

Angels' Share by KILIAN PARIS is a fragrance from the Liquors collection, inspired by the heritage of Kilian Hennessy, with woody notes accompanied by cognac, hazelnut and oak.
Let yourself be tempted by this creation, true icon of the house.



Kilian Hennessy

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