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Moonlight in Heaven

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  • Fragrance Notes

    Kilian Hennessy’s Inspiration:
    A dazzling beam of pearlized light dances on the oceans belly, witnessed by two lovers who watch from a balcony draped in floating white opaque gauze that seems alive, responding to a warm wind that blows. The lovers, high above the world to almost touch the stars, with full hearts and bodies light as air.

    The Perfume:
    A true olfactory pleasure, the fresh perfume of tasty mango and the fresh scent of powdered sambac jasmine are mixed with coconut milk and rice, of a pallor similar to the moon, all wrapped in tonka bean and the delicacy of vetiver. Both unique and familiar, this fresh perfume with an exotic fragrance from Moonlight in Heaven pushes you to open the doors of paradise.

    Perfume notes:
    Grapefruit, Mango, Roasted Tonka BeansOlfactive Family: Fresh - Composed with citrus, aldehydes or aquatic notes, they bring freshness, lightness, and a serene feeling to Kilian compositions.

    Calice Becker
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    Fresh Perfume
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Moonlight in Heaven
Moonlight in Heaven
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