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Sacred Wood

50ml Refillable Perfume

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  • Fragrance Notes
    Kilian Hennessy’s Inspiration:
    Sacred Wood by KILIAN PARIS conjures the mythical side of a fragrant wood leading East, honoring both nature’s sensory pleasures through the art of perfumeas well as one of the most coveted—and forbidden—perfume ingredients in the world: sandalwood from Mysore, India.

    The Perfume:
    The fragrance recreates the incredible complexity of this raw material, drawing an olfactive loop around its spicy, woodsy and milky facets making it a cult ingredient in modern perfumery and ancient Eastern ritual. Opening with Ambrette Seed Absolute and Carrot Seed Oil for a touch of earth and spice, the fragrance unfolds into a deep sandalwood accord: Amyris Oil, a powerful woody note blends with Cedarwood. Myrrh and Copahu Balsam Oil add warmth as well as a balmy aspect, amalted milk vapor lifting the senses like incense.

    Perfume notes:Amyris, Sandalwood,Tolu & Copahu balm

    Olfactive family: The Cellars

    Perfumer: Calice Becker
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Sacred Wood
Sacred Wood
50ml Refillable Perfume
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