Discovery sets

KILIAN PARIS iconic travel atomiser protects perfume inside a changeable and refillable 7,5ml vial.
Your talisman can be associated with any KILIAN PARIS olfactive family fragrance and is endlessly refillable to enjoy your signature scent all night long.


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Discovery set
8 x 7.5ml

About KILIAN PARIS Discovery sets

Take your KILIAN PARIS perfume anywhere you go. The fragrance becomes easy to take to distant lands, thanks to the nomadic refillable travel spray.
Genuine creations for men and women, the travel sprays are presented in a box, accompanied by refillable 7.5 miniatures.
Ideal for travel and refillable, the empty bottle is easy to fill with your favorite signature Kilian perfume and slip into your bag during the day or in your pocket in the evening.
True luxury should last forever. This KILIAN PARIS refillable perfume bottle is the perfect embodiment of this ambition.



Sample Discovery Set

Choose 5 1.5ml perfume samples to create your own personalised discovery set