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Musk Oud

Oud Woodsy Harmony
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  • Fragrance Notes
    Kilian Hennessy's Inspiration: A silken explosion of petals and musk

    The Perfume: A contemporary, Western twist on classic Rose Oud, Musk Oud is a quiet expression of syrupy rose and geranium petals, silken musk and spices. A heady drydown of oud accord, patchouli and musk anchors an intoxicating rum-filled opening. Going down smooth, as sweet as it is seductive, a new page for ancient oud is written.

    Perfume notes: Geranium, Davana, Oud

    Olfactive Family: Smokes - Figurative or abstract, Kilian's smokes capture the timeless scent of Bakhoor, incense, tobacco.

    Perfumer: Alberto Morillas.
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    Oud Woodsy Harmony
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    Complimentary delivery on all orders

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