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Apple Brandy, New York

Fruity Vanilla Harmony
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  • Fragrance Notes
    Kilian Hennessy's Inspiration: In the heart of a dense forest, the thick smokiness of scented wood is reminiscent of oak barrels that keep delicate distilled Cognac from spoil–a deepening amber-colored liquid matures day by day.

    The Perfume: A heady combination of rum and manzanate entices the senses at the opening. Apple Brandy is ‘the liquor of the woods’, one might imagine tapping from enchanted trees in myth-based lore. One of Kilian’s most personal creations–the syrup-laden smell of alcohol is a fond childhood memory, perfectly recreated with vanilla and labdanum, punctuating the distinctive personality of the fragrance.

    Perfume notes: Vanilla, Labdanum

    Perfumer: Sidonie Lancesseur.
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    Fruity Vanilla Harmony
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    Complimentary delivery on all orders

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